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While I like running my own server. I no longer have the time or the patients to deal with the frequent SQL issues. I have moved the site over the Google Sites for the time being so I dont have it going down so often.  If anyone knows of a reliable free host with full HTML template control let me know.

XcomUtil 9.7 is now available to Download.

New in this version.

  • Major overhaul of the installer (XcuSetup) and the inclusion of 16/32bit exe's to support both DOSBox and Windows Vista/7 x64.
  • New sub folders added to hold supporting files making the install c leaner
  • New XcuSetup options were added to XcuSetup allowing for silent install and uninstallation.
  • New XcuSetup option for debugging the install (XcuSetup debug) creating debug.txt.
  • New command line argument "nobackup" skips backup only if it has been ran at least once.
  • XcuSetup now can have minimal impact on the game.
    • All options default to NO.
    • Almost all changes are now prompted for (skyranger guns, interceptor as transport, Disjointed Base Bug, etc...).
      • Items still done by default:
      • Copy protection questions set to 0000000 for UFO 1.0-1.3 and X-Com 1.0
      • Difficulty bug fixed in UFO 1.0-1.4 and X-Com 1.0-1.4
      • Unique names for all maps in TFTD, Used for Hybrid Games
      • Placement of X-Com Units on the Battlefield based on XcomUtil.cfg
      • MIA Recovery on Won Combat (Units under mind\MC control when last controling alien killed are returned to X-Com control)
  • XCOMUTIL.CFG is now pieced together and overwritten by XcuSetup (see XcomUtil.txt for how to make permanent changes).
  • All game files are restored to the pre-XcomUtil state each time XcuSetup is ran. Any modifications by other utilities will have to be re-applied. 
  • Vista/Win7 patch now an option for XcuSetup.
    • This will fix the blank screen issue.
    • Updated to support the split EXE. 
  • XcuSetup attempts to fix UAC issues by resetting folder permissions.
  • A number of community made fixes are included and selectable with XcuSetup.
  • Support for the DOS/Window STEAM Install.
    • Windows EXE, just run XcuSetup from windows
    • to launch Dos version from Steam Run XcomUtil/SteamSetup.bat to activate menu then lauch from steam.
  • Out of the box support for UFO Extender. XcuSetup will detect it and ask if you want RunXcom to use it.
  • RunXcom can detect if it's in DosBox. Allowing XcuSetup to be run from windows and RunXcom run from DosBox.
  • Hybrid Colors updated based on BombBloke's pallets.
  • EQL flag allowed any turn.
  • Add Xcom UFO Italian Support
  • Updated f0dders ReadMe per his request. (XcomUtil\bugfix-readme.txt)
  • Add-on support added. see XcomUtil\XcomUtil.txt and XcomUtil\Addon\Example.txt 
  • Prompted Terrain in BattleField Generator allows to abort and use of current setting. 
  • "debug" command arugument createds XcomUtil\Debug.txt and adds debug info to XcomUtil\XcomUtil.log
  • Original Sound Effects from UFO were re-sampled to work with 1.4 and CE.

Removed from this version

  • New Desert and Urban terrain. (Will be added once I have a C++ version of the Java Terrain Edit.)
  • Expanded capacity Laviathan, Hammerhead and Avenger (maps available in XcomUtil\Patches)
  • Unit placement for Alien Bases


  • MIA Recovery on won combat only.
  • MIA Recovery no longer recovering units that bleed to death.
  • Auto Combat will not run on second half of two part using first parts saved data.
  • Auto equip no longer triggers on second part of 2 stage missions.
  • Combine clips skiped if between stages of 2-3 part missions.
  • Improve randomness by using current time instead of game date/time in srand()

NOTE: If you use DosBox, this requires DosBox 0.74 (Does not work on 0.73 due to buffer overflow setting ERRORLVEL)

On March 15th 1995, Scott T. Jones released the beta version of Xcomutil. The original purpose of XcomUtil was to make the game more difficult, because there was a bug in the original game that forced all games to the Beginner difficulty level, regardless of what level you chose. Over the years if has added many features and became a part of many players standard setup.

In January of 2007 Scott announced his intent to discontinue development. I asked him if I could take over development and he agreed.

It has been a few years an while i have yet to release a new version. But I have been looking over the code and looking for the root cause of many of the bugs that have crept in over the years.

The first issues I'm going to address is new xcusetup and runxcom files to make them run in all versions of windows and under dosbox.