Re-factoring the Blog

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Sometimes rebooting fixes everything

After spending month after month on WidnowsImageTools and little else in my free time. My blog has been looking like abandonware. I had always planed to comeback, but there was always this nagging issue. WordPress. is a hosted service and cost money if you want more then the vanilla. And I had no interest in hosting WordPress elseware. It also was missing a plug-in that allowed you to to reference GitHub files directly. Copying code from a GitHub project into Gist seems like a major waste of time.

Enter Jekyll

A few months ago I listened to a podcast where they briefly mentioned github pages. This perked my interest. Partially because if was free, and partly because if was GitHub. (I also like the idea of bloging like a hacker).

I figured if it was hosted on GitHub, surely they would have a easy way to reference a GitHub Repo. No such luck. The default plugins were somewhat limited. If I wanted unsupported plugins I had to compile the site locally. So I looked at all the plugins for Jekyll in Ruby Gems, I came across one that worked. However it only wanted to work in Jekyll version 1. I looked at the code on it’s GitHub repo and it looked to be an arbitrary requirement. So I set out the setup Jekyll using Bash on Windows 10.

I plan to write a full blog on the experience. There were many bumps and gatcha’s getting here, but I now can reference sections of GitHub Repos files in my posts, so it was worth it.

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