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In the last post we forked a copy of the DSC tools and cloned a copy locally

Today I’m going to get the example configuration working.

Now looking at the under examples seems straightforward, but I know for a fact that it’s missing a few steps.

This folder contains some very basic examples of what a DSC configurationData folder structure, script, and call to Invoke-DscBuild might look like. If you want to execute SampleBuild.ps1, there are a few dependencies you need to set up ahead of time:

  1. You must install all of the DSC tooling modules from this repository into your PSModulePath (typically into C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules)
  2. You must also copy the Tooling\Examples\SampleConfiguration folder to the PSModulePath.
  3. You must copy Pester (version 3.0.0 or later) and ProtectedData (version 2.1 or later) into the PSModulePath.
  4. You should create a DSC_Resources folder in the same directory as SampleBuild.ps1 and DSC_Configuration. Copy the following modules into that DSC_Resources folder:
  5. StackExchangeResources
  6. cWebAdministration
  7. cSmbShare

Once these dependencies are set up, you can execute SampleBuild.ps1. It will run tests against the 3 modules in your DSC_Resources folder, compile your configuration into MOF documents, produce zip files for the resource modules, generate checksums for everything and copy them into C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\

Looks like we are going to need a few more DSC resources. I’m going to go and fork/clone them just like before. (don’t forget to update the URL’s to match your own fork. )

# Download required files via Git
#Next line not needed if you were following along with my last blog
git clone c:\GitHub\PshOrgDSC --branch development
git clone c:\GitHub\StackExchangeResources
git clone c:\GitHub\cWebAdministration
git clone c:\GitHub\cSmbShare
git clone c:\GitHub\Pester
git clone c:\GitHub\ProtectedData

Now I’m going to create some folder structure and place all the files where they need to go

#Create Folders
mkdir c:\DSC
mkdir C:\DSC\BuldOutput
mkdir C:\DSC\DSC_Configuration
mkdir C:\DSC\DSC_Resources
mkdir C:\DSC\DSC_Script
mkdir C:\DSC\DSC_Tooling

#Copy Files
copy C:\github\PshOrgDSC\Tooling\* C:\DSC\DSC_Tooling\ -Exclude 'examples', '' -Recurse
copy C:\github\PshOrgDSC\Tooling\* 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules' -Exclude 'examples', '' -Recurse
copy C:\github\* 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules' -Include 'Pester','ProtectedData' -Recurse
copy C:\github\* C:\DSC\DSC_Tooling\ -Include 'Pester','ProtectedData' -Recurse
copy C:\github\PshOrgDSC\Tooling\Examples\SampleBuild.ps1 c:\dsc\SampleBuild.ps1
copy c:\github\* C:\DSC\DSC_Resources -Include 'cSmbShare', 'cWebAdministration', 'StackExchangeResources' -Recurse
copy c:\github\* 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules' -Include 'cSmbShare', 'cWebAdministration', 'StackExchangeResources' -Recurse
copy C:\github\PshOrgDSC\Tooling\Examples\DSC_Configuration\* C:\DSC\DSC_Configuration -Recurse
copy C:\github\PshOrgDSC\Tooling\Examples\* C:\DSC\DSC_Script -Include 'SampleConfiguration' -Recurse

#delete unneeded folders.
dir -Path c:\dsc -Include '.git' -Recurse | del -Recurse -Force #-Confirm:$false
dir -Path 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules' -Include '.git' -Recurse | del -Recurse -Force

Then result should give us a folder structure like this

│   ├───AllNodes
│   ├───Services
│   └───SiteData
│   ├───cSmbShare
│   │   └───DscResources
│   │       └───PSHOrg_cSmbShare
│   ├───cWebAdministration
│   │   ├───DSCResources
│   │   │   ├───PSHOrg_cAppPool
│   │   │   └───PSHOrg_cWebsite
│   │   └───Examples
│   └───StackExchangeResources
│       ├───DSCResources
│       │   ├───StackExchange_CertificateStore
│       │   ├───StackExchange_FirewallRule
│       │   ├───StackExchange_NetworkAdapter
│       │   ├───StackExchange_Pagefile
│       │   │   ├───StackExchange_en-US
│       │   │   └───StackExchange_nl-NL
│       │   ├───StackExchange_PowerPlan
│       │   │   └───StackExchange_en-US
│       │   ├───StackExchange_ScheduledTask
│       │   ├───StackExchange_SetExecutionPolicy
│       │   │   └───StackExchange_en-US
│       │   └───StackExchange_Timezone
│       └───test
│           ├───integration
│           │   └───StackExchange_PageFile
│           │       └───pester
│           └───unit
│               └───StackExchange_Pagefile
│                   └───pester
│   └───SampleConfiguration
    │   ├───bin
    │   ├───en-US
    │   ├───Examples
    │   │   ├───Calculator
    │   │   └───Validator
    │   ├───Functions
    │   │   └───Assertions
    │   ├───Snippets
    │   └───vendor
    │       └───tools
    │           ├───OneGet
    │           │   └───Etc
    │           └───PowerShellGet
    │               └───en-US

│   └───DscResources
│       └───PSHOrg_cSmbShare
│   ├───DSCResources
│   │   ├───PSHOrg_cAppPool
│   │   └───PSHOrg_cWebsite
│   └───Examples
│   ├───bin
│   ├───en-US
│   ├───Examples
│   │   ├───Calculator
│   │   └───Validator
│   ├───Functions
│   │   └───Assertions
│   ├───Snippets
│   └───vendor
│       └───tools
│           ├───OneGet
│           │   └───Etc
│           └───PowerShellGet
│               └───en-US
│   └───en-US
    │   ├───StackExchange_CertificateStore
    │   ├───StackExchange_FirewallRule
    │   ├───StackExchange_NetworkAdapter
    │   ├───StackExchange_Pagefile
    │   │   ├───StackExchange_en-US
    │   │   └───StackExchange_nl-NL
    │   ├───StackExchange_PowerPlan
    │   │   └───StackExchange_en-US
    │   ├───StackExchange_ScheduledTask
    │   ├───StackExchange_SetExecutionPolicy
    │   │   └───StackExchange_en-US
    │   └───StackExchange_Timezone
        │   └───StackExchange_PageFile
        │       └───pester

now lets fix C:\DSC\SampleBuild.ps1

    Import-Module Pester -ErrorAction Stop
    Import-Module dscbuild -ErrorAction Stop
    Import-Module dscconfiguration -ErrorAction Stop

    $params = @{
        WorkingDirectory = (Get-TempDirectory).FullName
        SourceResourceDirectory = "$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Resources"
        SourceToolDirectory = "$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Tooling"
        DestinationRootDirectory = "$PSScriptRoot\BuldOutput"
        DestinationToolDirectory = $env:TEMP
        ConfigurationData = Get-DscConfigurationData -Path "$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Configuration" -Force -verbose
        ModulePath = "$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Script"  , "$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Tooling"
        ConfigurationModuleName = 'SampleConfiguration'
        ConfigurationName = 'SampleConfiguration'
        Configuration = $true
        Resource = $true

    Invoke-DscBuild @params -verbose

    function Get-TempDirectory
        param ( )

            $tempDir = Join-Path -Path ([System.IO.Path]::GetTempPath()) -ChildPath ([System.IO.Path]::GetRandomFileName())
        until (-not (Test-Path -Path $tempDir -PathType Container))

        return New-Item -Path $tempDir -ItemType Directory -ErrorAction Stop

So what is different?

  • DestinationRootDirectory = “$PSScriptRoot\BuldOutput”
    • Changed to point to a relative output. this is a test, so there is no need to place it into the common location for a pull server, although in production you may want to. I prefer to copy the files after a build, as it’s usually built on a machine other then the pull server
  • ConfigurationData = Get-DscConfigurationData -Path “$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Configuration” -Force -verbose *added verbose so I can see how its progresses and help with troubleshooting
  • ModulePath = “$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Script” , “$PSScriptRoot\DSC_Tooling”
    • This is the big one. ModulePath and SourceResourceDirectory are going to be the only path’s in $psmodulepath when the configuration module (the module referenced by ConfigurationModuleName ) is loaded and when the configuration in ConfigurationName is executed. This feature was added to resolve a problem when your modules used to build .mof files may be newer then the ones used to configure the machine running them. Something I ran into and Dave Wyatt was kind enough to solve
  • Invoke-DscBuild @params -verbose *Added -verbose. I’m a bit of a verbose junky.

With the updates to SampleBuild.ps1 we are ready to build our first sample set of .mof files

I do this in a clean environment so I’m opening PowerShell as an administrator and running C:\DSC\SampleBuild.ps1. After a long bit of scrolling if it works the last few lines should look like this.

VERBOSE: Moving 718aec80-e8fe-41b5-ac31-fbcd5d0186b1.mof to C:\DSC\BuldOutput\Configuration
VERBOSE: Moving b4519959-9724-40d5-ab62-5c4f82bbcd80.mof to C:\DSC\BuldOutput\Configuration
VERBOSE: Moving fc107c0b-1fc8-45fb-9991-a0a1f0fd6c21.mof to C:\DSC\BuldOutput\Configuration

Congratulations you have your first set of .mof files working with the DSC tools.

Next up. Creating a pull request to update the and SampleBuild.ps1



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