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XcomUtil 9.7 Download

New in this version.

  • Major overhaul of the installer (XcuSetup) and the inclusion of 16/32bit exe’s to support both DOSBox and Windows Vista/7 x64.
  • New sub folders added to hold supporting files making the install c leaner
  • New XcuSetup options were added to XcuSetup allowing for silent install and uninstallation.
  • New XcuSetup option for debugging the install (XcuSetup debug) creating debug.txt.
  • New command line argument “nobackup” skips backup only if it has been ran at least once.
  • XcuSetup now can have minimal impact on the game.
    • All options default to NO.
    • Almost all changes are now prompted for (skyranger guns, interceptor as transport, Disjointed Base Bug, etc…).
      • Items still done by default:
      • Copy protection questions set to 0000000 for UFO 1.0-1.3 and X-Com 1.0
      • Difficulty bug fixed in UFO 1.0-1.4 and X-Com 1.0-1.4
      • Unique names for all maps in TFTD, Used for Hybrid Games
      • Placement of X-Com Units on the Battlefield based on XcomUtil.cfg
      • MIA Recovery on Won Combat (Units under mind\MC control when last controling alien killed are returned to X-Com control)
  • XCOMUTIL.CFG is now pieced together and overwritten by XcuSetup (see XcomUtil.txt for how to make permanent changes).
  • All game files are restored to the pre-XcomUtil state each time XcuSetup is ran. Any modifications by other utilities will have to be re-applied.
  • Vista/Win7 patch now an option for XcuSetup.
    • This will fix the blank screen issue.
    • Updated to support the split EXE.
  • XcuSetup attempts to fix UAC issues by resetting folder permissions.
  • A number of community made fixes are included and selectable with XcuSetup.
  • Support for the DOS/Window STEAM Install.
    • Windows EXE, just run XcuSetup from windows launch Dos version from Steam Run XcomUtil/SteamSetup.bat to activate menu then lauch from steam.
  • Out of the box support for UFO Extender. XcuSetup will detect it and ask if you want RunXcom to use it.
  • RunXcom can detect if it’s in DosBox. Allowing XcuSetup to be run from windows and RunXcom run from DosBox.
  • Hybrid Colors updated based on BombBloke’s pallets.
  • EQL flag allowed any turn.
  • Add Xcom UFO Italian Support
  • Updated f0dders ReadMe per his request. (XcomUtil\bugfix-readme.txt)
  • Add-on support added. see XcomUtil\XcomUtil.txt and XcomUtil\Addon\Example.txt
  • Prompted Terrain in BattleField Generator allows to abort and use of current setting.
  • “debug” command arugument createds XcomUtil\Debug.txt and adds debug info to XcomUtil\XcomUtil.log
  • Original Sound Effects from UFO were re-sampled to work with 1.4 and CE.

Removed from this version

  • New Desert and Urban terrain. (Will be added once I have a C++ version of the Java Terrain Edit.)
  • Expanded capacity Laviathan, Hammerhead and Avenger (maps available in XcomUtil\Patches)
  • Unit placement for Alien Bases


  • MIA Recovery on won combat only.
  • MIA Recovery no longer recovering units that bleed to death.
  • Auto Combat will not run on second half of two part using first parts saved data.
  • Auto equip no longer triggers on second part of 2 stage missions.
  • Combine clips skiped if between stages of 2-3 part missions.
  • Improve randomness by using current time instead of game date/time in srand()

NOTE: If you use DosBox, this requires DosBox 0.74 (Does not work on 0.73 due to buffer overflow setting ERRORLVEL)



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