XcomUtil Under New Management

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On March 15th 1995, Scott T. Jones released the beta version of Xcomutil. The original purpose of XcomUtil was to make the game more difficult, because there was a bug in the original game that forced all games to the Beginner difficulty level, regardless of what level you chose. Over the years if has added many features and became a part of many players standard setup.

In January of 2007 Scott announced his intent to discontinue development. I asked him if I could take over development and he agreed.

It has been a few years an while i have yet to release a new version. But I have been looking over the code and looking for the root cause of many of the bugs that have crept in over the years.

The first issues I’m going to address is new xcusetup and runxcom files to make them run in all versions of windows and under dosbox.



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